Mograph in 3dsmax

This is a Tool in development to work in 3ds max in a similar way as you work in Cinema 4d with Mograph. It’s done in Thinking Particles.

I influence the objects depending of the distance to a node. I have rotation, scale and align influence. The position its on progress. Also I can destroy objects when they reack the final transformation.

I will use this tool in future mappings.


  1. Waw, nice tool !

    I read somewhere that you’ll share it or something like that.
    Any chance it happens XD ?

    • admin

      Yes! I’m working on it right now in a new mapping. Trying it and fixing some bugs. In 2-3 weeks I hope I will share it. Thanks your interest.

  2. Max

    Any new info on this tool?

  3. kwak young

    Could you share what you made with mograph?

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