Demolition Master and TP5

From some time Demolition Master is ready. You can download it here. 

In less than a months is used all over the world by important studios, and a lot of people say the same: It’s an incredible solution over Rayfire or together with Rayfire for demolish things.

I’m using it in some mappings that I hope I will show you soon, using DM on it I have a really quick setups and stable destructions.

Also a very good news is that Cebas has send to me a NFR version of TP5, new version of Thinking Particles. I’m testing a version of DM in this version.

About TP5 I have to say is very good, pushing even more Thinking Particles as the best particle solution over the market. The most important improvement on this release is the addition of bullet physics, and with it it comes new toys to play with: ropes, vehicles, and bullet joints. I played a little bit with bullet, is faster than SC dynamic solver, how much? I think X3 or X4 times; but I’m more comfortable with SC I will need to play more with it to make the transition.

Support for .prt files (krakatoa) and .bin files (realflow) is really a big plus, now there is connection with most important particles/fluids solver for 3dsmax  (Fumefx support is ready from TP4 version).

They added new littles things on it, like new nodes, new distribution of menus  (better and more organized), and one of my favourites is the addition of recursion  in Volumebreak node. In TP4 if a particle enters more than one time in VB node TP  creates an infinite loop and crashes, now is possible to specify a number of times that a particle will enter into a VB node.

Here a video with some R&D in TP5

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