Best laptop for 3d in 2019

I get a lot of questions about if its possible to use a laptop to learn 3d, and the trust is, in 2019 there are plenty of laptops and not expensive that can run perfectly any 3d software.

Here some suggestions of laptops I think will be very good for 3d during this 2019.

I created a complete article with a lot of information here:


On a budget:

Asus gl553
Dell inspiron:
MSI gp63: (This one is a more modern laptop than the one I use)

15″ gaming laptops:

msi stealth 15″ 1060:
msi stealth 15″ 1070: (very thin laptop)
asus strix II 15″ 1060 or 1070:
MSI gs65 15″ 1060 :
MSI gs65 15″ 1070:

Good quality and nice finishes laptops (if you need something looking more professional):

Dell xps 15:
Aero 15 RTX 2070 version available
razer 15 inch:

Ultralight computers 13″ (not my personal recommendation for 3d, but sometimes you need something light to travel, remember all this has the “U” intel cpu, meaning they are less powerful:

dell xps 13 inch:
razer 13 inch:
huawei matebook x pro 13 inch:


(All this are affiliate links, you dont pay anything extra, I get a small fee if you purchase anything. Check around if you found anything cheaper!)


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