Testing DM, Radius Effector for a mapping and facebook page.

This are the test I did to debug my blackbox “Demolition Master”.

I create some scenes that I think can be real production shots, and see what I need more for the TD and what I need to fix. The setup is really fast, less than a minute for every scene. Only  put your objects on the respective elements (concrete, glass, good or steel), adjust some parameters and check what debris do you want on the scene and its done!

Yesterday we finally projected our new mapping for el masnou. I used a lot Radius Effector and Demolition Master on it. Waiting for the video edition from the live performance, here is a video done with Radius Effector:

Also I open a facebook page, so you can know when are the new release from andvfx, chek it on:  https://www.facebook.com/Andvfx

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