Curso introduccion a Thinking Particles en español

Por la falta de contenido para Thinking Particles, he creado un curso completo en

Mas de 20 tutoriales, 9 horas de contenido didactico. 1Gb en escenas en 3dsmax,  objetos escaneados retopologiados cortesia de,  y mucha mucha informacion sobre tecnicas en Thinking Particles!

No solo de que boton pulsar, pero de entender la filosofia detras del programa para que podais sacarle el maximo rendimiento. Dirigido no solo a VFX pero tambien a motiongraphics.


I did a spanish introductory course, since there was not so much information about TP in Spanish. Multiple techniques and tricks to understand the program.

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  1. hello !!
    this is youssef a 3d generalist from Egypt, i own a small studio and i am trying to push
    some of the juniors here to start digging TP in our pipeline i am really interested to purchase your tutorial about TP introduction. i was wondering if there is an english version or at least english subtitles ? that would be very important for me to buy this.
    thanks a lot.

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