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Macbook UltrAir 3d model

This is a concept I did before Ipad 2 hits the market. Its a hibrid between an ipad and Macbook Air. The Ipad has an improved resolution from first ipad (not so much as ipad 3, who can imagine that!). Also there is the mackbook air without the screen, the ipad is the screen! You attached them using magnets on the ipad, and have the full power from and intel processor.

It was intended for a viral video, but never finished it, so here you have the 3ds max 2010 model, with maxwell materials. I added jpg for the screen image, you will have to convert to mxi if you what that the screen image emits light (I dont attach the original for image size). Also I added a flat usb memory. And the retroilluminated keyboard works! you can increase or decrease all the lights if you use multilight.

The model is very similar to a macbook air but a little more flat. Also if you only uses the screen you will have a nice and modern tablet.






  1. Francesco

    Very nice!

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