Mastering ValuetoValue operator

In this one hour  tutorial I will explain valuetovalue, why I use it so much, different uses, and combining in different scenarios.

I use value to value for  convert input values to new ones (linear or not linear, invert..), use it as a non linear time animation, to clamp values and much more!

9 Tutorials in one!

0:00 Intro
17:08 normalize debris distribution
21:54 normalize vb raster
24:50 Break linear distribution
32:24 Valuetovalue based on distance
36:36 valuetovalue in provability
42:57 Change density distribution
46:37 Procedural animation
54:38 Terminal velocity
1:00:00 v2v and onetoX

You need 3dsmax 2015 or later, and TP6 or later.

Download 3dsmax scenes here:  Download ValueToValue examples Files

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