TP muffins

Long time without posting anything! Moved from montreal to vancouver 9 month ago, a lot of work and nice mountains keep me distracted.

This is something I did for the SP2 beta in TP6, I wanted to use the new smoke solver along other stuff like the snapshoot tool since I didnt see so much people showing what can do. The idea was to do procedural modelling in a physical way inside tp, so if I keep max playing TP will model for me an infinite number of muffins everyone diferent from the other. This is just a concept with fast sim times so you will see errors here and there but shows what you can do.  Description of the proces:

-Mass falls in the container, is an sph simulation.

-When is close to the fire, sph radius starts increasing, creating the baking powder effect.

-When the muffin is big enough I create a snapshoot of the muffin, this converts the implicit shape and multiple particles that creates the muffin in a single static mesh and particle, saving a lot of sim time (no more sph calculations). But there is a little problem, tp creates a snapshot of all the implicit shape, so the mass for the next muffin that is on the process will be snapshooted too (even its in a diferent group) and we dont want that. To solve that, just after the snapshoot I use a fragmenter to separate all closed fragments, and delete all the elements that arent part of the muffins (i do that by size and radius), so all other elements are killed or sending to another group.  This static mesh is following the plate rotation.ç

-Added some chocolate chips, procedurally attached to the muffin.

-Add chocolate, I use another solver with more iterations and high viscosity, using the chocolate chips and the muffin as a collider, I do the same process like in the muffin, snapshotted, kill remainders and attach to the muffin.


-When the muffin is close to the robotic arm starts following his motion, after a while its released and I send this muffin to a bullet sim with interaction with cloth.

-There is also some ropes on the arm driven by bullet ropes to add extra stuff.


And thats it! You have an awesome tasting procedural muffins for desert. I hope that this give you some ideas for your next project and show some of the new tricks you can use with  the new tp6.2.


You can download the scene here for a small donation (groups are a little messy, but you will get the general point, max 2013 with tp6 drop 2 necesary)



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