TP Air Master

TP AirMaster is the first tool I do with Thinking Particles 6.

Imagine that your wind is smart enough to recognize the 3dspace, and interacts with the geometry around.Imagine that your 3d objects also affect the air around him.

The tool is available here :
So I recreate air inside 3dsmax thanks to Thinking Particles power. I discretize the space (on the video its every 15cm a space of 3mx3mx1.5m) and simulate the air flow considering all the objects inside this space. In parallel I have a RBD simulation (also softbodies) using Bullet that takes the data of the air near them to affect his velocity. This way moving objects affect particles even if there is no direct contact (because they move air) or I can create a fan that move constantly the air, creating a realistic behaviour since this air interacts with all elements in the scene, So this is AirMaster!
As you can see the system is really fast (viewport is accelerated X1.5 times), and Im running this on a laptop I5m, with 4gb of ram and a GT520M, 1K RBD objects. With an actual computer this will run X4 or X6 times faster.


  1. Stefan


    Will this tool be available to buy?


  2. mystikhillvfx

    PLEASE make this available for purchase

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