TP arrows

Normally one of the first practices you do with a particle engine is a lot of arrows. I dont know why I didnt do anything with arrows with TP until now, so here is it only for fun!
There is diferent materials arrows interact with. Arrow at the beginning is on “flight” mode, it means that is flying, if interacts with anything without penetrate them the arrow goes out from “flight” mode, and is destabilized (I use bullet physics). If the arrow is with the good inclination and is infront of a wood material will petetrate it. There is also metalic elements (the teapot shield), if an arrow impacts on it will be rejected or breaked.

All the “sticky” arrows are done using an intersect helper, creating a reference from every arrow to the object intesected and using after a Pattach node.  It works really good and fast.
There is a dummy also just for fun, dummy has a wooden “skeleton” that reacts with arrows, and the envelope is using a skin modifier.
I found the system very fast, even with my old computer Im doing this animation I have real time feedback if I use less than 50 arrows, bullet physics rules (and TP of course!)


You can download the file with the arrwows system and the models you see in the video here:  (3dsmax 2013 and TP5)

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