TP procedural road

I have some ideas in mind and I put everything together on this video.

Road is generated procedurally, Adjusting a spline everything adjust around it, pillos adjust his lenght and orientation to the road, disapear if road is near ground. Rails are generated, and also wood. A vehicle is following it using Bulletvehicle. You can control transversal inclination of road with a circle, rotation it you rotate the roat, with radius you indicate the size of the effect and all road are affected depending on his position.

In top of that I animate the road to appear and disapear,  the rails are all on ground and go to position and orientation when vehicle are near, woods grows in present of vehicle and all that go into bullet physics solver when vehicle pass over it, also the pillows goes to VolumeBreak node.

TP is capable of do some sort of procedural building but is quite limitated in possiblities you only can adjust position, scale, orientation. Will be cool if in a future we have acces to vertex information and we can  control multiple modifiers procedurally.

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