TP fun with fan

The first title was “Animation of deforming objects using custom data channel in Thinking Particles” But I think Fun with fan is better.

In the system the animation of every object is relative to time its passed infront fan (node object). If the particle is more near the node, animation will play faster, and if its far from node, will play slower. Its possible to control procedurally the distance where the node is affecting particles, how fast will reproduce the animation, what happen when node is not affecting them (right now animation plays back until original position) and add some randomness per particle.

I create another rule so when the object arrive to the final animation pass to a new group with wind and a SC operator. Dynamics are not so good on the video because low settings and also because it was not the objective of this video.

Basically its based on this tutorial created some time ago. The modifications from this is that now I limit the particles adding “temperature” based on his direction to the fan (so I have this cone effection area in front fan). And I pipe the value to a precache dynamicset.

I think it has a lot of applications, we can for example animate a lot of objects based on a grayscaleimage (combining with maptransfer for example) to have diferent ways to control our animations in a full procedural way.

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