UFO attack!

So here a ufo destroing a building procedurally.

This time I used a very cool tool from rman197 for thinking particles. It creates lighting rays between two sources, with noise animation, secondary rays, and thats it, but really very cool. I take the position of the impact ray so with this is easy to create secondary particles on the impact point and also destruction based on this lightings. The way I did it is to create a new particle on the impact of  principal light and on secondarys lightings and sended to “impact” group:

So right now we have stored the position of the impact lighting on this group. For the secondary particles I created new particles emited from “impact” position.

No very complicated setup and I will not go in detail, I create multiple particles from impact position, with some speed. In the other dynamicsets I added a “surface follow” operator so particles stay on object surface, some friction, trails, and that`s it.

For the procedural destruction, I send the original object to a volumebreak so we have a first prefragmentation, activate to 100% so all particles goes to new group.

We want that when a lighting impact on a prebreaked face break again. I used a PPassAB with prebreaks and impacts group with activation by distance. So all the particles that are near “impact” position will go to volumebreak op. Also I used the group helper “impact” with spreading size activated so particles are activated by time.  The threshold is to not frag again little particles. There is no complex setup since is only  a little R&D, obviously this can be improved a lot adding debris, smoke, secondary breaking, joints, …

After first test I saw that since I break the mesh is strange to have lighting interacting with a original part of the mesh that is no more there since is breaked (you can see in the second video part), so I add antoher PPassAB to delete the particles  ”goals” that are near impact points, the eggtimer is to eliminate the particles after some frames, since if we delete inmediatly when impact is detected the lighting will stop following the animation of the emitting object.


So this is my little contribution, all the hard work is done by rman, hope this can make the life easier to some one!


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