TP bulletVehicle

Some research in TP bullet vehicle operator.

I did some time ago acomercial with a big truck, I tryed for first time TP vehicle, a very easy to use (and fast) vehicle simulation. In this ocasion I modeled a lowpoly version of the truck, simulated with that, exported and after link the high poly truck to the lowpoly exported simulation.

Now I tryed something diferent, I wanted everything to be more procedural, so I can attach everything inside TP, and add diferent elements like shocks and things like that. As you can see on the video it works well, is near realtime. I pass a lot of hours figuring why my pattach operator was not working (wheels was moving but not rotating), and it was a bug, changed to TP5.3 and everything is working.

Also I added as a bonus a breaking ground, to do a scene similar to “2012″ movie. Obviously is needed details everywhere, but it was fun to play! I wanted to add some weight to the wheels when they touch the ground and do it inside TP, I-m working on it.

You can download the scene Im using on the video. With the TP Setup with controls on viewport for realtime manipulation and the procedural volume breaking for the ground. (3dsmax 2011 and TP5)

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