Thinking Particles sand disolution

After seen a lot of videos of XSI and lagoa creating a realistic sand, I tried to do something similar with Thinking Particles.

The approach is totally diferent, and is not a real elastic simulation with real cohesion force between particles. It will not work for sand splashing with other surface but I think can work well for sand dissolution in the air. Also breaks the over used look of pflow+deflector+wind+krakatoa, pushing it a little further. Simulation times are quite fast (less than 10 minutes for 300 frames simulation) , I have some ideas to improve it a little more, so maybe I will redo the video with a new setup.


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing! Any chance of you sharing a scene file or maybe even a tutorial?

  2. Nice..I am waiting for the tutorial too :) !

  3. Ray

    Nice! Yeeees Tutorial pleeeeaaasseeee!! :D

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